What sativa strain is the strongest?

Durban Poison may not be the strongest sativa strain in the world, but it's the best one to start your day. You can take the strongest strain of marijuana at your favorite Des Moines or Seattle Dispensary.

What sativa strain is the strongest?

Durban Poison may not be the strongest sativa strain in the world, but it's the best one to start your day. You can take the strongest strain of marijuana at your favorite Des Moines or Seattle Dispensary. See our online menus to see what's available. Breeders named this beast after the Incredible Hulk, highlighting its striking similarities.

It has great stature, a deep green appearance, and the ability to launch you into orbit. Breeders deep in the Colorado mountains set out to create this strain with nothing but potency in mind. They crossed OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, achieving THC levels far beyond their expectations. The end result, HulkBerry, is proud to have a legacy as one of the most potent sativa cultivars on Earth.

Its incredibly dense and compact flowers have an enormous number of trichomes, along with a magnificent bouquet of intense orange pistils. The copious amounts of resin in its flowers speak of the THC content, which reaches a maximum of 27%. It only takes a couple of puffs, or a single bong stroke, to feel the full force of this strain. Buckle up for an energizing, cerebral journey that will last hours at a time.

Its stimulating and mood-raising effects are particularly fun at parties and social gatherings. Shogun bathes the brain in a psychoactive soup of THC and terpenes. Use Shogun as a wake-up and baking variety to start the day with a motivated and euphoric mindset. Drink some coffee, burn, write down your goals and mark them as you go.

This live strain has 70% Sativa genetics, a sugary terpene profile and extremely high THC levels. Their tails feature bold shades of dark green with purple hues. You'll smell this strain before you see it when you take a walk in the garden. It will fill the air with delicious aromas of chocolate, sweetness and earth.

These delicious terpenes come hand in hand with THC levels of 25% to provide a tasty and punchy high. Buy Mother Gorilla (formerly Royal Madre) Royal Runtz has a genetic profile of 55% sativa and 45% indica. Despite its genetic balance, it still delivers a powerful cerebral high that sends motivation and creativity through the roof. This psychotropic potency has a massive THC content of 27% and, in addition, exerts a fast-acting high.

A single blunt blow or bong will lift your mood and energize your mind. Enjoy delicious candy, sugar and fruit flavors with every puff. The Patron brings sativa dominance to the table, along with enough Indica genetics to keep things relatively smooth and firm. Breeders used parent strains AMG and Shiva to create a strain with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics.

This close balance means that it is mainly aimed at the head, but the body doesn't miss out on the fun. The Pattern produces visually stunning flowers with dark shades of purple, green, orange and yellow. The foreground of this botanical canvas houses a dense layer of crystalline trichomes and deep orange pistils. The buds contain a THC content of 22% and produce a high that travels directly to the brain.

After a while, the effects flow into the body, where they melt the muscles and produce a feeling of floating and relaxing. This is a Hall of Fame winner for the top 10 dominant Sativa strains and the top 10 Haze strains, as well as several Cannabis Cups (2004 and 2011). And it has long been a favorite in Amsterdam cafes, which says a lot. He also says that it is easier to find and buy this strain in Europe and Jamaica than in the US.

UU. It remains to be seen if legalized dispensaries can stock up. The strongest Sativa strains will keep you elevated and taller than ever. Let's take a look at some of the strongest Sativa strains and see which favorite potent plants have emerged from years of genetic modification and breeding.

With a name like “Amnesia”, this strain can be guaranteed to be potent enough to blow your memories. Amnesia Haze is actually one of the strongest types of sativa in existence, producing huge yields of beautiful, powerful buds. A hefty dose of this will make you feel lifted and charged. The plant also has a strong lemon and mango flavor.

This strain is so potent that even experienced users can find themselves paranoid. Perhaps called Moby Dick because of how sought after it is, this strain is highly prized for its high THC content. The plant originated in Amsterdam and became popular due to its potency and short flowering time. As expected from a strong sativa-dominant plant, Moby Dick offers smokers a long, energizing high with an active, focused mind.

Buds smell like citrus, but each puff provides a sweet taste with hints of vanilla. A powerful cannabis strain bred by Rare Dankness Seeds, Ghost Train Haze has a massive THC content of 25.5 percent. With that kind of medicinal impact, this strain provides an energetic and exciting cerebral high that unleashes creativity. Pure Sativa stimulates the user with concentration and creative energy, making it an attractive bud for artists.

The light green leaves are covered with a dense layer of white trichomes. Just like you imagine a powerful strain, the earthy smell is also very pungent. A powerful high that smells strongly of sweet strawberries, Strawberry Cough is named for a reason. With THC content ranging from 25 to 26 percent, the first big hit is sure to make even veteran smokers miss a cough or two.

This strain has won several Cannabis Cups, and is even mentioned in a scene from the film Children of Men, in which Clive Owen and Michael Caine pass a joint of Strawberry Cough back and forth. The simple and powerful high of this strain will fill you with happiness and make your mind race through random and inspired thoughts. Due to the profound stress relief inherent in strawberry cough, this plant is ideal for treating symptoms of depression, anxiety and nausea. The name Green Crack is certainly intimidating.

But there's no need to worry, because it's a particularly potent strain of pure classic cannabis that dates back to the 1970s. The story goes that this strain was originally titled “Cush”, but was renamed Green Crack by Snoop Dogg after claiming that it was so potent and inspired such cravings that it was like crack. A true sativa, Green Crack will leave you with focused energy and an exciting mental high. The quality of the high makes it the perfect choice for a powerful awakening and baking.

The ever-popular Sour Diesel strain is an energizing sativa with a strong, pungent scent that inspired the name. The strain can be obtained in the early 1990s from breeding efforts by breeder Chem Dog. A stroke of the tall, slender leaves of the Sour Diesel plant will quickly give you a dreamlike buzz that will cause stress and pain to evaporate. The THC level is usually around 20 percent, and the high lasts for hours.

This variety is an incredibly popular plant for medicinal use. Many patients start their day with Sour Diesel to relieve symptoms of depression and chronic pain. King Louis has a strong pine and herb flavor. It definitely tastes like a natural brew and, for many, works as an herbal sleeping potion.

This notoriously potent Indica has significant sedative effects. It's not a strain you should use if you want to go to sleep a little later. It's a strain you should use if you're ready to tuck in right now. It's better to put on your pajamas before turning on the King Louis.

Strains labeled 'sativa' comprise the smallest segment of the Leafly database, with 548 strains, compared to 860 as indica strains and 3,800 as hybrid strains. It strikes me that the first prehistoric guy who lit a strong strain of Sativa probably couldn't take notes. This productive cultivar has 70% Sativa genetics and comes from the cross of Amnesia Haze and Gorilla Glue 4.In general, the use of sativa strains and sativa-dominant strains tends to be associated with energizing effects, although more research is needed on this topic. When smoking a sativa-dominant strain, it's important to control the dose, as too much sativa can have a reverse effect and make you feel tired or sleepy.

Examples of popular pure sativa strains include Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Green Crack and Maui Wowie. Sativa plants tend to be quite tall, with thin, light green leaves, genetically engineered to thrive in equatorial temperatures. While some sativas can be spicy and spacious, Super Silver Haze fans report a lot of energy with the same focus. Thanks to its high THC levels and sativa genetics, this cannabis strain produces one of the best stimulating, energizing, euphoric and uplifting experiences you'll find.

Most modern and popular strains are hybrids of Indica and Sativa, so it's unlikely that you'll find a “pure” Sativa strain. Budtenders consider Sativa strains to offer energy, creativity or focus, compared to other types of weed that make you sleep. Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid stimulant that produces an uplifting, energizing and euphoric experience perfect for daytime smoking. Trainwreck comes from the crossing of two pure native sativas (Mexican and Thai) and a powerful native Indica (Afghan).

This powerful strain is a cross between the legendary OG Kush indica and the delicious Strawberry Diesel sativa. . .